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Team building olympics gamesIn a fantastic setting on Lake Garda with INA ASSITALIA we held a very special team building and a little different from "normal" games olimpiadi business. This type of activity is often used during a development stage company that is required in a particular way, aggregation and team spirit and we are often required during meetings, conventions or incentive incentive festivals and events ...
"... building a team that until now no one had ever proposed an original and different .."," everyone enjoyed and took part, a fantastic work by the entire organization .."

Involves groups of people outside the company in a series of games, the ability to improve 'relations of all components of a working group. The game allows the inflatable to run, crawl, jump, roll, slide, keeping the balance and above all fun.

These games are used during a phase in which it is required in a particular way, aggregation and team spirit as team building or very often during festivals or corporate events to involve all the participants in a range of activities, among the most different content and type.

Participants were divided into teams, will challenge and will enjoy the various sports and games conducted by the various coaches who interact so likeable and engaging with participants, make them players in the team building.
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Questo Team Building basato sulla serie televisiva con lo stesso nome, la sfida CSI ti farà lavorare insieme in piccoli gruppi, utilizzando il pensiero laterale e il buon senso di mettere insieme un omicidio. Ogni squadra riceve un CSI manuale che fornisce informazioni di base sul caso e di indagati.